10 Things We Want In A Titanfall Sequel

How to stand out.

In an era filled with first-person shooters, you would think that there would not be any room for more. Move over, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo. Make room for Respawn Entertainment’s newest franchise, Titanfall. Titanfall has started off as being one of the most iconic games so far this generation and everyone is expecting a sequel. Here are ten things we want to see help further the franchise.

1.) More Titans.

With a name like Titanfall and with gameplay based on obtaining a mechanized robot, you would think that the game would offer more than three titans to choose from. Respawn should at least double the amount of Titans available. This will allow for much more versatile gameplay. Titans that can climb buildings, hover in the air, stationary Titans, or even Titans that can add a water element to the game would be add interesting mechanics to the series. Whatever they add, I am sure we can all agree that we just want more Titans!

We. need. more. of. these.

2.) A Real Campaign Mode.

Let’s be honest for a second; the only reason anyone played Titanfall’s campaign was to unlock the other types of chassis mechs. Titanfall’s campaign felt empty, rushed, and really did not feel like a campaign at all. It is a shame that there was not a real campaign in Titanfall because there was so much potential for a great story line. Unfortunately, none of the actual characters or events were memorable at all. Its futuristic setting and giant mechanized robots should at least provide the tools for a memorable campaign like Halo or Mass Effect.

3.) New Multiplayer Modes Along with Improvements to the Old Ones.

One of the many things Call of Duty did right was to include many game modes for people to choose from. Different game-types help keep a game fresh and new. Because Titanfall is a multiplayer-only game, different game types and modes and modes are an essential part of the game.

There should also be several improvements to the current game modes to make them feel unique and fresh. Some of the current game modes feel similar to each other and this is many due to the fact that there are not many changes in the actual game. Many gamers were confused about the differences between Attrition and Pilot Hunter. Respawn Entertainment has to find a way to make the differences in these game modes more noticeable. One step they could take to make that happen is to remove different elements from game modes like grunts, spectres, or even titans.

4.) Customization.

I am surprised we even have to ask for this. Customization and personalization should be somewhat of a standard for FPS games. Whether it be customizing the actual Titans, different camouflages for your gun, or armor your pilot we all want to feel a little more unique when we are out on the battlefield. There is an enormous amount of potential for customization in this game and of course there are many games to pull influences from.

More. of. these.

5.) More Guns.

This is another simple answer to an ongoing issue that Titanfall seems to suffer from. Simply adding more guns will make the game more diverse. Having only one fully automatic assault rifle, one shotgun, and one light machine gun does not leave players with much variety. Whether people like it or not, the smart pistol was a smart (pun intended) addition to the game because it was a new type of weapon that people had not been introduced to before. Because it was a futuristic FPS, gamers should welcome these new weapon types because they would make the game much more unique.

6.) Added Movement.

Titanfall has amazing movement mechanics. Wall climbing, double jumping, and the free-movement mechanics make Titanfall unique. The fast pace and movements of the pilots help immerse you in the game. That said there are times where simple movements are needed just as much as the game’s advanced movements. Things like climbing up ladders and sliding while running are two aspects that I always find missing while I am in the game. Simply put, it feels like it should be there just to put it there.

Destructible. Environments.

7.) Destructible Environments.

If you ever watched Dragonball Z, you should remember the Saiyan pods flying from the sky and creating these big craters upon landing. Whenever a Titan drops from the sky, it reminds me of that moment and I expect a little bit of the destruction to the world that I step on to give me a more realistic feeling when I fight next to these giant mechs. There is no doubt that these Titans are powerful, but their power seems so hindered and underrated when there are no destructible environments to give us visual cues.

8.) Regeneration Rewards.

The idea of going to the next prestige in a game has become extremely dull and overrated. At the end of the day, the only reason people actually regenerate is because they feel if they do not the game will be too boring.

On the other hand, you have a handful of people who choose not to “regenerate” because they either do not have the time to or simply do not want to be bothered with the task of unlocking everything they just worked hard to get. To keep the game unique and to give the gamer an incentive to “regenerate” there should be a reward for doing so (and having a little card next to your name ain’t going to cut it, sorry). Something like an extra class or new camo would be a great addition to incentivize the idea of “regeneration”.

9.) Multiplatform.

While I like the idea of Titanfall being exclusive to the Xbox because I do not want my consoles to be the same, I recognize that there are other gamers that may not have an Xbox One that would love to get their hands on such an amazing game. By releasing this game on multiple platforms it allows the franchise to grow, develop, and take the game to places that it could not have gone before. A PS4 release would surely cause shockwaves at local GameStops across the country.

10.) Better Graphics.

Last but not least we deserve better graphics. When the current generation of consoles came around everyone was excited for the graphical leap. Unfortunately, we have met with disappointment to say the least. While the graphics for Titanfall are good, seeing a 1080p 60FPS Titanfall would be amazing.

Titanfall on the PC is noticeably better than it is on the Xbox One, and for a $400-$500 machine we deserve more graphical bang for our buck. 792p is definitely not going to cut it for a Titanfall sequel.

So, is there anything else you would like to see in a Titanfall sequel? We should open the conversation about this now and embrace our feelings about it. Leave any ideas in the comments section below! This way, Respawn can hear us and answer our prayers.